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ISWC2013 Metadata

conference: The 12th International Semantic Web Conference(ISWC2013), Oct 21-25, Sydney, Australia
creator:Li Ding
modified: 2013-08-16

links: Call for participation, Resources, Demos, Logs,

Call for participation


Conference metadata are distributed in different sources (e.g., publisher, conference organizer) and encoded in different forms (e.g. HTML, CSV, and even PDF). In the light of offloading tedious routines (e.g. copy and paste, validate and republish) to machine power, RDF-based conference metadata has been collected and published since ISWC2001. This year, we finally achieved a full coverage of ISWC metadata from 2001 to 2013 (see Resources Section. Participants are welcome to enhance the value of the basic ISWC metadata and build cool apps for ISWC2013. Following are some sample ideas:

How to get invovled

  • GITHUB: you can fork this project, create a page "/doc/iswc2013-demo-(YOUR_PROJECT).html" to describe your work, update this page to include a link in Demos Section. send us a pull request to us.
  • EMAIL: please contact ISWC metadata chair "Li Ding" (dingli AT and "Jie Bao (baoji AT to share your idea


1. ISWC metadata (2001-2013) , browse and download machine-readable copies of ISWC metadata.
2. Raw ISWC data, the original data that generates ISWC metadata.

previous ISWC metadata efforts


Title: Demo1: Create HTML+RDFa content from ISWC 2013 metadata
Creator: Li Ding
Description: A list of ISWC 2013 conference organizers are maintained a raw CSV file, each of the first 33 persons is related to role "[ME]" with role type "swc:Chair". A simple query over the CSV data, i.e. (name, organization, country, homepage, role_label), yields an HTML+RDFa file, including one section for proceedings chair and one section for website maintainer. Similarly, we have created HTML+RDFa for ISWC accepted papers.

Title: Demo2: Fluid Conference metadata Visualization
Creator: fluid Operations
Homepage: TBA
Description: We are using data from different Semantic Web conferences for our Conference Explorer system ( It is built using our Information Workbench platform and allows exploring, searching, and visualizing various information about major Semantic Web conferences. Currently we are working on a project which aims at using these data to implement a mobile conference assistant with the use of the upcoming Google Glass.